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Circulate or Stagnate: Energy Flows and Moves (And, This Should Matter To You!)

Mar 29, 2021 by Penelope Jean Hayes

In Chapter Two of my book The Magic of Viral Energy, I talk about how to get more money: do what you’re passionate about and the resources will come to fulfill your goals and purpose. Now, let’s deal with what might really be weighing you down—it’s not so much about wanting to be rich, is it? Not really. It’s about debt and living on the financial edge. Maybe you don’t need to be wealthy at the moment (or ever), but it is perfectly reasonable to want to be financially safe, to not live in fear that you won’t be able to get by, and to wish that debt wasn’t a chronic issue and obstacle.

So, here’s how you get financially secure. You enter into an agreement about how money will come to you and how you will honor it and utilize it. Yes, money is your friend, not your enemy. You don’t have to cringe when money-talk or financial needs come up. Communicate with money like the resource that it is meant to be for you.

You must admit that you waste money because on some level you have learned to hate it. Look at how you’ve seen others go without. Look at how you have struggled with money. Money has never been your friend, has it? Well, I guess I will be the one to break it to you, because this was me too—money is a good friend to you, but you on the other hand have been a very bad friend to money. First of all, you spend money on things that you don’t really need, and it’s not always even your money—sometimes it’s the credit card company’s money, or some family member’s money. So, if you don’t like being in debt, stop creating it!

Okay, we’ve said that money (as with all resources) is available to you to the degree that you require it to live out your purpose and your spiritual evolution. Now, make a contract with Life regarding the resource of money. Write this down: “Dear Life, thank you for the money that flows into my life, my hands, and my bank account. I love the resource of money for all that I will create with it. Invest in me the financial resources to consistently match what I am and will become. I will do my part by always meeting my obligations and loving and respecting the resource of money.” 

Read this to yourself every day for at least three months. Your words and intention are energy units that will go viral and will begin to set your point of creation. Watch the magic start working for your financial freedom.

Once you’ve settled debt, you’ll want to know how to prosper, right?

Do you imagine that the universe evolved from gas explosions to planets, from single cell organisms to modern man, all to just stagnate right here and forever freeze in development and no longer evolve? Scientifically, mathematically, logically, and spiritually, that would be an impossibility. Nope, the universe doesn’t revolve around us. We are in a space somewhere inside it, not even in the center, and evolution is still happening and will continue to happen for millions of years to come. But if we want to be in play with those beings that evolve—and not be a species that becomes extinct—then we need to stay in circulation!

Perhaps you haven’t given it much thought before, but in fact, all life must contribute a value or purpose, or it will become extinct. Everyone and everything must be utilized to stay in play, develop, and advance. More than just functionality, talent, and readiness, these must be put to good use to be supported by Life. All resources must circulate or they will stagnate.

If you stash money under your mattress for twenty years, the very same amount will be worth less over time in relation to the cost of living and the inflation of goods. On the other hand, money moved into real estate or other investments will grow or fluctuate at market value (whatever that might be); it’s in motion inside the flow and the action of the marketplace. (Ironically, a synonym for “circulation” is “currency.”) This is why the practice of tithing works for prosperity: it’s a system of circulation. 

Yep, circulate or stagnate; it works the same way for all resources. In the body, blood must circulate, or it will stagnate. Without new atmosphere, even our breathing space will become unusable. During daylight hours, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis—nature’s perfect lungs; moving and refreshing the planet’s breathing air. What else, you ask? Think of static water in a pond. Stagnant water will grow algae and bacteria, making it unsuitable to drink. Sure, life is still present, however stagnant water is indeed landlocked, passive, and motionless.

This is also how it works for energy, your personal power, how you contribute to life, and the fuel for all that you create. When you sit on your talents and don’t use them, as the saying goes, you lose them. If you allow your body and health to stagnate from lack of good use, Life says, “Well, he’s not using it, let Us shift wellbeing to a form who will utilize it.” Many people who have retired without redirecting their time and energy will tell you that they very quickly started to stagnate; their health diminished, and their joy dried up. But letting go of one thing doesn’t have to be like that. You can choose to circulate your resources and energy elsewhere. When you share your light presence with others, your beautiful presence will grow, and your influence will expand. When you create with your resources rather than focus on what you don’t have or have lost, you will be endowed with more resources, opportunities, energy, and creativity with which to create more. It works because of the magic of viral energy. Energy is contagious and it builds upon itself. It’s sticky to itself that way!

Sometimes, we don’t want to let go of our resources because we fear that we won’t get any more. Are you a cheapskate who often lets your friends pick up the tab because you’re stuck being broke? While they might be okay with this, it’s holding you in a mindset that’s preventing your abundance. Are you in a constant state of lack? Are you a packrat with boxes of stuff that you haven’t needed in more than a year? If you haven’t used it in a twelve-month cycle, chances are you don’t need it. Chances are whatever it is that you’re storing is getting more useless as time goes on. Saving or hoarding your resources shrinks and minimizes them; they further dry up because they’re not being used. Life says, “Hey, if you’re not going to use that, I am just going to redistribute its worth to a place where it can be used.” You cannot just take without investing, or hoard and expect growth—or for that matter, expect that the standard will be sustained. 

This is a good time to ask yourself, “What can I do to open the flow, mix it up, and bring in new resources and new creation energy?”

And it’s not just your stuff, your money, your health, or your social life. Ask yourself, “Am I landlocked, passive, or stagnant? Do I need to take action to bring fresh water in my pond?” Maybe you itch for more out of your job. Maybe you’ve outgrown your town or some of your old friends who are keeping you frozen in bad habits. Do you feel stuck, bored, unsuccessful, or unfulfilled? If you’re not growing over a significant period of time, and you feel like you’re running on a wheel and getting nowhere, then you’re stagnating. Perhaps it’s time for you to bring in some new energy. “How,” you ask? Take action and use the resources of your skills, talents, your ability to love and be loved, and your very presence. Imagine what you could become if you lived by the principle: resources that do not circulate will stagnate, and resources utilized in motion will grow! This shift could be a miracle in your life.

Look, you are designed to expand, to reinvent yourself, and to create numerous upgrades to your being. The cure for stagnation is circulation. Keep your resources in motion. This is what it means to spiritually evolve—circulate or stagnate; use it or lose it; be in play or be outplayed; evolve or become extinct. I think it’s becoming clear now. Be more than useful, deploy your Selfness into action and you will grow, expand, and be an integral part of the human spiritual evolution.