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Energy Over Matter

Mar 01, 2021 by Penelope Jean Hayes

In the fourth century BC, the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, enlightened us to cause and effect: there is no effect or motion without a cause. In his system, heavy bodies are not attracted to the Earth by an external force of gravity but tend toward the center of the universe because of an inner gravitas or heaviness. He was a smart guy and that theory held for a long time. Until it didn’t.

It was during the seventeenth century that Galileo found, counter to Aristotle’s teachings, that all objects equally accelerated when falling. Hmmm, was this the new absolute? 

But then came along Sir Isaac Newton, the mathematician and physicist whom we hail as having discovered gravity in 1687 AD. Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that every mass attracts every other mass in the universe, and the gravitational force between two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. But Newton only had a piece of the puzzle. His theory was not accurate and yet to this day, most of us have internalized that iconic image of an apple falling on Newton’s head, and so our inquiring mind just stopped right there with the belief that Newton cracked the mystery of gravity. But, not quite. (I’m almost to the point and it’s worth the walk down history’s memory lane in order to explore absolutes.

Next, the metaphorical baton of gravity was passed to scientist and mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss in the early nineteenth century, who then handed it off to his pupil Bernhard Riemann. Together, their insights led to the idea that space is bent. (Whoa, now this brings in a whole new perspective!)

Finally, building on what Gauss and Riemann theorized, Albert Einstein came up with his theory of general relativity, which he developed between 1905 and 1915. It described what we perceive as the force of gravity to be in fact a geometric property arising from the curvature of space and time, or spacetime, and it’s the theory that science currently upholds. Even still, most people don’t understand what it is.

To break it down: Gravity works because the space around the Earth responds to the presence of the Earth. In the presence of matter and energy, this geometry can evolve, stretch and warp. Otherwise said, the added possibility called Earth actually alters space. Imagine, little old us in this big universe, altering space and time? Today, many scientists describe the universe as moving from order to disorder, however, the magic of viral energy says that it’s moving from possibilities to more possibilities.

Space is malleable; everything bends and adjusts to variables. You are one of those variables and you can initiate change in your reality. Your presence alters outcomes. So, what will be the impact of your presence? What will you create?

I recall what quantum physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf has told me about the example of the bar magnet and iron filings. He said, “The mind is a process and it’s related to what is happening at the level of what we call the quantum field of reality. At this unobservable invisible level of reality, we are dealing with a field of possibilities, not a gathering of physical objects. Changing the field of possibilities changes the pattern of behavior.” 

Even that which was once considered as fact evolves as we grasp the next discovery. This begs the question, what’s next?