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Move from Power-Through-Force to Empowerment-Through-Creation

Jan 10, 2021 by Penelope Jean Hayes

The Magic of Viral Energy: Creation vs. Force


Today, we know that the universe is not static and it’s not shrinking; it’s growing. In 1929, Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is actually expanding. On the massive cosmic level, all is becoming more. Interestingly enough, on the quantum level (that’s the smallest stuff), all of everything is also becoming more.

In 1927, German physicist Werner Heisenberg was studying space and discovered that pairs of particles pop in and out of what was thought to be empty space. (What?! Hold the presses!) Yep, they just show up from nowhere. These energy pops are borrowed into space, then very quickly pop together and disappear. (They basically reunite or re-member with their counterparts and instantaneously return from whence they came.) This is a real and proven thing; it’s called Quantum Fluctuation. 

Energy particles come and go in no particular pattern or logic. Like youngsters full of life and adventure, they are possibilities. They manifest fast, divest fast, are everywhere, and are plentiful. Space is teeming with the coming and going of energy pops. Energy at this quantum level is contributing to space by temporarily appearing, and yet sometimes it leaves behind residual energy and that energy becomes matter. (They’re sort of the Gremlins of the quantum field. No water needed!) So, what had been empty space expands into more; from no-thing comes abundance.



Not long ago, in 1998, light pulses from supernovas proved to cosmologists that not only is everything in the universe moving farther away from what appears to be the point of origin (the Big Bang), everything is also moving away from every other thing. The distance between all things in the universe is expanding, more, and more, and more. Since the moment of the universe’s creation some 13.7 billion years ago, it has been expanding and is accelerating in its expansion. It’s expanding at a higher rate than ever before—exponentially.

It’s hard to visualize this rate, and yet scientists know that the universe’s growth is much faster than the speed of light, which is 671,000,000 miles per hour. They believe that the universe’s expansion is a result of the Big Bang, and when this was agreed upon as the source, they then asked the question, “What is the force that is pushing apart the universe?” And that’s the question they’ve been striving to answer ever since. 



What is the force that is pushing apart the universe?”


The current leading theories on the universe’s exponential expansion include the idea that energy and matter are being hurtled outward from a center point by a force likened to that of an explosion. It’s a violent beginning to a volatile universe. Of course, an explosive force like that would eventually slow (fizzle off), and we already know that the expansion of the universe is not slowing, but rather it is exponentially accelerating.

So, what’s the push between the matter? Because they don’t know, scientists resolved it around 1977 by inventing a fix-all called “dark energy” (though first dubbed “antimatter” in 1898 by German-born physicist Arthur Schuster, a concept later refined in 1928 by English physicist Paul Dirac). Modern theoretical physicists say that “dark energy” is an unknown substance undetectable by light, filling up the spaces between matter and therefore creating more and more space between all of the galaxies, and between everything in space. And yet, they don’t have any idea what it is.

Keep in mind that light is very important to how we measure the stuff in the universe, and therefore how we see the whole picture. Scientists currently believe that because more space and dark antimatter is filling up between us and the other galaxies, that this means we are becoming more isolated. But maybe they are looking for an answer where an answer can’t be found. After all, the universe’s expansion easily outruns the speed of light, and so what should we expect to see? Put another way, there’s “stuff” there, but we can’t yet see it because the creation of the “stuff” is much faster than the travel speed of our only means to detect it: light. 


Creation is faster than light.


Another leading hypothesis out there is the suggestion that the universe is being pushed apart by a force such as “reverse gravity” or “repulsive gravity.” In 1979, teeing off from these hypotheses, theoretical physicist Alan Guth developed the idea of “cosmic inflation,” which does tie up a number of cosmic question marks while raising other unknowns. The fact remains that scientists don’t have a definitive answer to the question of universal expansion. It has remained a mystery.


So, what’s the big push? Let me bring it back to a personal level and give you an analogy for the big push, and I promise to reveal what viral energy has to do with the universe’s expansion.


Eight years ago, a colleague of mine named Adam—a proud and diehard bachelor—confided in me that he had been exclusively dating a woman named Robin for the past ten months. He said that he was falling in love with her and that they were very compatible, but he still resisted the idea of choosing just one woman to whom he would permanently commit. He expressed a concern that a wife would be a dependent, both financially and emotionally, and he didn’t think that was something that was in his best interest. He was twenty-nine, and while he had a steady job, he didn’t really have a career sorted out yet. Adam described Robin as “very smart, fun, outgoing, and easy to be around.” Yet she, too, did not have any sort of wealth, and he was afraid that a wife would suck away his own (limited) resources.

It’s funny how life sometimes gives you a creative push. Four months after our initial conversation, Adam told me that Robin was pregnant, and he had decided that he deeply loved her and truly wanted a life with her. And so, while he was nervous about how they would financially manage, he asked her to marry him. Today, Adam and Robin have four children, homes in two states, and enjoy working together in their thriving business. Robin brought to the marriage an outstanding business idea, leadership in executing the strategy, her go-getter and fun-to-be-around personality, not to mention her role in bringing four children into the world! Yet, everything that they have done, accomplished, and created, they did together—and it all has manifested because they took a chance on love and expanded their world. They were beinga life that required more resources, and so more popped in.



Okay, back to the quandary of the big push—

Since the Big Bang theory couldn’t sew up the discovery of how the universe is exponentially expanding, scientists from fields including Physics, Cosmology, and beyond, are all currently grappling to answer the question: what’s the force that’s pushing apart the universe? However, according to viral energy, it’s a question that cannot be answered because the first assumption is wrong: there are no external forces pushing apart the universe


This is where we need to start thinking differently, no longer relying on our five senses or our old ideas about power, because the force that expands and creates the universe is CREATION itself. The force is not from without; it’s from within. 

(And it is the same force within you!)


We can’t see or measure the universal force of creation (or the “Universal Force of Creation”), but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. Remember those fancy twin pairs of particles and the ways in which they pop into space, pop together, pop out again, and sometimes leave behind a residual energy that can eventually form into matter? Yep, those crazy youngsters. You can think of their spectacular silliness like the merging of cosmic DNA. Not all possibilities are manifested, but some are. And, as quantum-tiny as they are, they have a lot to do with answering this massive question regarding the source of the big push.


Matterless energy such as “dark energy” or “antimatter” is teeming with energy pops (Quantum Fluctuation) that every so often stick around rather than popping right back out of outer space and back into inner space. Energy at this quantum level is contributing to space by temporarily appearing, but sometimes it leaves behind residual energy. What had been empty space expands into more—from nothing comes abundance.


And, that abundance of new stuff is pushing every-thing apart, elbowing all the stuff in all places, making room for more as it becomes more.


It’s time to expand our perspective and transcend the power-based culture. No, there is not an outside force pushing the universe apart. The Big Bang was not even a bang but more of a Cosmic Viral Birth akin to the spark of an idea, or dust left from particles that pop in from thin air. (Quantum Fluctuation: the temporary change in the amount of energy in a point in space.) There is indeed a power that multiplies space, yet it’s not pushing everything apart from a mysterious force centered at one point of origin.


Creation (not force) is the push and the magic.