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The Cosmic Mind: Many Members, One Body

Feb 22, 2021 by Penelope Jean Hayes

Nature always has a way of revealing truth and magic. Observe birds as they fly together in formation—they turn, dip, and rise as one body. As though they are one organism, the entire flock moves at the very same instant with identical and instantaneous changes in their collective direction. Let’s call this performance the experiential dance of viral energy. It’s a magical dance, but the question is, how do they move together? What kind of communication makes that possible?

Birds of a feather fly in synchronized motion because they are tuned in to each other’s frequency. Get this: it works the same for ten radio receivers as it does for ten birds. 

Let’s say you are having a big party and want to stream music throughout your house. If you don’t have a multi-room sound system, you could accomplish this the old-school way and place a radio in the kitchen, another in the living room, and one on your patio, tuning them all in to your favorite dance music station. When the DJ at the broadcasting radio station changes the song, you can be guaranteed that all of your radio receivers will switch songs at the same time. The radio receivers throughout your house do not need to do anything fancy to synchronize their output because they’re already effortlessly picking up on the frequency to which they are tuned.

Now, back to our birds of a feather. The exact same energy frequency phenomenon that makes radio broadcasting work also allows animals to sense the frequency of energy vibration. Animals see, hear, smell, touch, and taste, but they also have a sixth faculty or sense that perceives energetic stimuli from outside or inside the body. Their energy is in alignment—in pulse—with one another. What’s more, animals of the same species share a “spirit body”—an energy body. The energy bond between them is an information transmission system that operates and responds as effortlessly as we breathe or blink. It’s an unseen and unheard network of communication. Their bodies are in formation (order); their energy is information (communication). But it’s not just animals; trees, forests, and all of nature communicate this way. And, you can too; you’re just out of practice.

You are connected to and move with a great network of energy—the correspondence network binding all of Life. It is entirely possible that one day we will bypass talking and typing altogether and advance to energy communication. Mmhmm, and it’s not that far off.

Have you ever heard of “thought communication,” also called direct brain-to-brain communication or mind messaging? Some people are said to have developed this ability, and a number of scientific studies have demonstrated it. In 2014, an international team of researchers—some from the Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital—successfully achieved brain-to-brain transmission of information between two people. But, get this: one person was in India and the other was in France. 

Using a combination of an Internet-connected electroencephalogram with robot-assisted and image-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation—which, as the name suggests, uses electromagnetic induction to stimulate the brain from the outside—the team was able to communicate words from one human to another. (This is big!) Basically, they simulated innate functions that are hardwired in our brains, but are not usually activated.

It is rumored in folklore that some ancient civilizations were advanced in the use of telepathic communication between people and across distances, such as the legendary Lemurians of the Pacific coast of North America who communicated through their oneness with the Cosmic Mind. I don’t mean “mind reading,” as that suggests a sort of uninvited thought-theft. I’m referring to two-way communication achieved entirely through energy vibration, when two people are tuned to the same vibration and agree to transmit and receive information between one another.

In the book, Lemuria—The Lost Continent of the Pacific, published in 1931, author Wishar Spenle Cervé wrote: “To the Lemurians this sixth sense was not an extraordinary thing but quite commonplace, though they were conscious of the fact that its usefulness had been developed by their ancestors through practice and concentration and that it was a faculty more susceptible to development and growth than any of the other facilities which are common to the human race. We, today, are conscious of the fact that our eyes can be trained in seeing, as witness to the training given to an artist; or that our ears can be trained to hear, as is necessary with a musician; or our taste may be developed, as is true with those who are experts in the tasting of wine, for instance. We are likewise conscious of the fact that our muscles in any part of the body may be developed, or that certain features or functions of the body may be strengthened through definite effort and practice. With the Lemurians, the knowledge was handed down from generation to generation that the salvation of their race and the hope for mastership in the highest attainments of civilization depended upon the individual and personal development of this sixth sense.”

Can we just pause here for a moment? Perhaps read that again before we continue.

It might be a stretch for you to believe in the supernatural abilities of highly-evolved ancient people from thousands and thousands of years before our time. (Or maybe it’s not a stretch at all.) However, when we know that birds, dolphins, and lions can communicate through energy impulses, why is it hard to believe that you can, too? 

While the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom continue to evolve the Cosmic Mind, humans continue to lose this unique communication ability as we move through generations. This is especially noticeable in the last two thousand years or so since we pulled away from communion with nature. Even so, we do still have it and we can cultivate it again. 

Just think of all of the energy tuners that mankind has erected, including towering obelisks and temple spires, functionally designed for little else than to serve as antennae. Do you wonder why when meditating, some people posture their hands up to the sky with their thumb and index finger touching? Well, they are tuning energy by way of creating their own antenna. There is something in us as humans; this innate drive that just knows we need that energy. There is something so magnetic, magical, and useful to us about it. We want to draw it in. Somehow, we just know that we are part of it and it is one with us.

Have you ever called or emailed someone and the very first thing they say is, “I was just thinking about you”? You see, you’re already using energy communication; you just don’t believe what it is. 

Let me further explain with this story from my own family history: My mum is known to have had a few significant premonitions over the years. Before he retired, her father was a farmer and had a small hobby fruit orchard. When my mum was young, her parents sold off a chunk of land to an elderly couple who built a cute two-bedroom home there. It was a white-sided ranch-style house with light blue shutters and awning that made it look nearly gingerbread-trimmed. As a young girl, my mum had always visualized that when she grew up, she would buy that house and raise her own family there. Sure enough, years later, she and my dad did buy it. So, when I was a little girl, we lived next door to my maternal grandparents. 

One night well after midnight—I was about four years old at the time—my mum had a dream that her father was in trouble; she “saw” him having a heart attack. She woke up my dad and asked him to go next door right away and check on her father. He did, and my grandfather was having a heart attack. My grandparents slept in separate bedrooms, which was common for their “Cunningham generation” (a time of domestic-correctness exemplified by many TV families like the Cunninghams of Happy Days, when networks didn’t show “suggestive” marital dynamics), and so, even though she was just down the hall, my grandmother had no idea what was happening with my grandfather. Yet my mother, who was hundreds of feet away, next-door in a separate house, knew that he was in trouble and knew what kind of trouble.

Because of my mum’s real-time dream, my grandfather speedily got to a hospital and my parents had time to call together the entire family of seven children, some from a few hours’ drive away. My grandfather died in the early hours of that morning, surrounded by his wife and grown kids.

My mum calls it a premonition, yet from where does the information contained within the premonition come? Was my grandfather sending my mum a message, calling out to her in the night, knowing that she was an open receiver? After all, it wasn’t the first time that she had demonstrated this ability. While subtle and not discussed, my mum—Joanie—the youngest of the family, was known to be somewhat intuitive in her childhood.

Communication through energy vibration is the magnificent, ordinary, invisible, and automatic magic of viral energy. When solutions to problems pop into your head out of nowhere, this is an indication that you’re a good receiver. When you’re thinking about how beautiful garden tulips are, and then someone brings you fresh flowers, this is an indication that you are a good sender of information—a transmitter, if you will. 

It’s fun to practice developing this ability. When you discover how to work with it for the highest good of all, you will become the power to fulfill your dreams.