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The Puzzle-of-Creation Paradigm

Feb 22, 2021 by Penelope Jean Hayes


The virality of energy is such that growth is exponential. Let’s use the example of your social media account. When you have just a few friends or followers, your reach is small. If you’re active in your network, you will eventually gain more followers. Let’s say you now have 1,000 followers with the capacity to share and like your posts with their1,000 followers. This means your message has the potential to be presented to all of your followers’ followers, expanding your reach and growth potential to an audience of one million. However, virality’s exponential growth isn’t unique to social media. Nope, the Creative Force of All has the claim on that—it’s viral energy and you’re already in the network.

To explain, let’s move from cyberspace to outer space. (Okay, now I’m going back to finish what we talked about in Chapter Fourteen, “When You Expand, You Expand—More.”) Since the Big Bang theory couldn’t sew up the discovery of how the universe is exponentially expanding, scientists from fields including Physics, Cosmology, and beyond, are all currently grappling to answer the question: what’s the force that’s pushing apart the universe? However, according to viral energy, it’s a question that cannot be answered because the first assumption is wrong: there are no external forces pushing apart the universe. 

This is where we need to start thinking differently, no longer relying on our five senses or our old ideas about power, because the force that expands and creates the universe is CREATION itself. The force is not from without; it’s from within. 

And it is the same force within you!


We can’t see or measure the universal force of creation (or the “Universal Force of Creation”), but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. Remember those fancy twin pairs of particles and the ways in which they pop into space, pop together, pop out again, and sometimes leave behind a residual energy that can eventually form into matter? Yep, those crazy youngsters. You can think of their spectacular silliness like the merging of cosmic DNA. Not all possibilities are manifested, but some are. And, as quantum-tiny as they are, they have a lot to do with answering this massive question regarding the source of the big push.

It’s time to expand our perspective and transcend the power-based culture. No, there is not an outside force pushing the universe apart. The Big Bang was not even a bang but more of a Cosmic Viral Birth akin to the spark of an idea, or dust left from particles that pop in from thin air. (You’ll recall this is called Quantum Fluctuation, the temporary change in the amount of energy in a point in space.) There is indeed a power that multiplies space, yet it’s not pushing everything apart from a mysterious force centered at one point of origin.


Creation is the push. 


Here’s how: Imagine that you have all of the pieces to a very large puzzle laid out in front of you. However, this puzzle is not shaped in a square or rectangle—its form is unconventional so you cannot start with all of the straight edges because there aren’t any.

The Puzzle-of-Creation Paradigm is a visualization tool for how the universe is expanding. With puzzle-building, it’s very slow going—in the beginning—as you place the first pieces. When the puzzle starts taking shape, the pieces then assemble faster and faster. With even further creation, the image and likeness of the puzzle becomes evident and it’s at this point that the big picture is so clear; it could almost put itself together. 

When this starts to happen, it becomes evident to the puzzle builder that this puzzle has no borders—it is literally a puzzle without limits. (Eureka, this is our puzzle of creation!) An external force was never pushing the pieces outward. As creation took place, more creation occurred. This is the Law of Creation: creation itself is the catalyst of creation, like a viral domino effect or chain reaction. 

Just like puzzle building, the universe is put together in an exponential manner. The mysterious “force” of creation is not a force at all, but rather a “power” or an “energy.” The act, the moment, the noun, the verb, the spark, the will, and the embodiment of all creation is viral energy.

This “power” or “viral energy” works the same in the cosmos as it does in your life, and so to understand it better, let’s take a deeper look at how this energy plays in space. 


Previously, we discussed two phenomena for which science still has a gigantic question mark: What is expanding the universe? And, what is “dark energy”? To recap, scientists know that the universe’s growth is much faster than the speed of light, yet they only have several incomplete theories to explain the force pushing apart the universe. The Big Bang is no longer thought to be the big push of the universe’s expansion because the force of an explosion would eventually slow. Now, cosmologists and theoretical physicists are hypothesizing about what it is that pushes between matter, expanding everything in an exponential way. You’ll remember that I mentioned that in 1977, a fix-all was postulated around what is now called “dark energy” or “antimatter.” This is an unknown substance undetectable by light that occupies the space between matter. Its properties create more and more space between everything in space, including all of the galaxies, and yet, scientists don’t have any idea what it truly is.

(Okay, so we’re caught back up and this is where it gets very exciting for the future of science, the study of viral energy, and for you and me, too! Understanding “dark energy” is foundational to comprehending the “how” of the universe’s exponential expansion, so we’ll start there.)


In space, the vast and growing distance between matter is not composed of empty, vacuous “dark stuff.” According to the properties of viral energy, the growing space of “darkness” between us and other galaxies is only because the energy in between is in the cosmic embryonic stage. This space of “dark energy” is where consciousness-energy is vibrating so very fast—God fast! It is pure Spirit; pure light energy. (But wait, it’s supposed to be dark energy, right? Keep reading!) 

The space known as “dark energy” is teeming with pops of energy particles, each with the possibility of connecting with other particles and experiencing creation, and some of these possibilities manifest into form. But how, pray tell? Just like a swirling bowl of Jello powder dissolved in hot water as it enters the fridge, the speed of consciousness-energy has the capacity to slow from pure, energetic vibration into a settled form. This is how more stuff (and Jello) is created. 

Here’s a sidebar just for fun that has been discussed with concern in the scientific community: should we be worried about being cosmically isolated when the distances grow infinitely large between us and the other galaxies? (Have no fear; viral energy is here!) No, because there will be more stuff born in between and that stuff will one day be observable light or measurable radiation energy. Dark energy is not as scary as it sounds; it’s just the space before the beginning. (Drumroll, please.)

And, let’s clear up another question while we’re digressing: you might wonder (as cosmologists do), if everything in space is expanding, then why isn’t Earth fattening up, too? (The answer is very interesting and it’s a quantum theory that also applies to you.) When a mass is very dense and heavy, like the Earth (or a person), the uncertainties and speed of evolution are slower and lesser than the possibilities of non-matter energy like empty space, or dark energy. Pure matterless energy has no weight and contains no mass (yet). As far as dark energy is concerned, it will be a very long time (like millions of years) before mass accumulates within that breeding ground of creation. 


(I feel like we need an extended background drumroll here as we build momentum to our point.)


Matterless energy such as “dark energy” or “antimatter” is teeming with energy pops (Quantum Fluctuation) that every so often stick around rather than popping right back out of outer space and back into inner space. Energy at this quantum level is contributing to space by temporarily appearing, but sometimes it leaves behind residual energy. What had been empty space expands into more—from nothing comes abundance.

The paradox is that matterless energy is not empty or void, but rather it is the most active of all energy fields, and therefore it has the most possibilities as to what it will become. While you are made in the likeness of the Creator, and you are indeed Creator, the most profound difference between the energy and power that is you (in form) and Spirit (non-form) is that the latter state knows Itself as infinite and limitless in terms of possibilities. And so, the path to enlightenment is through embracing infinite possibilities. The Living God is you, becoming

With God-fast speed and lightness comes the mysterious possibilities of the “quantum effect” that can bend light, space, and time, causing light and matter to unpredictably move and shirk the laws of standard physics. So, back to the question: why is Earth (and moons and suns and dust) not expanding in size in the same way that all of the space between everything is exponentially expanding? Simply put—mass is heavy, space is light, and the less dense something is, the more space exists for the magical possibilities of creation.

Frankly, I’m going to suggest that dark energy be renamed light energy, because in reality, all energy is light energy. Of course, to accept this shift in thinking we would first have to confront the misconception that light energy is only observable with our five senses. (Oh, yes, this opens some new thought.) As Shakespeare wrote and Hamlet said, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” We are now beginning to awaken to a new sense—the fourth dimension that I experienced when I encountered the giant owl in the forest and was allowed to “see” a new world where Spirit dwells among us. 

The truth is that light is not defined by a measurement via visual perception; Light is consciousness-energy and it comes in many strata of vibrational speed. Not to be confused with heavy viral energy, the dark energy or “antimatter” of matterless space is actually just light energy. It’s a very active field of creation and it’s comprised of light energy even if it looks dark from our perspective. (The heavy energy that we speak of in terms of viral energy is a completely different reference than the dark energy of space. Though just like the dark energy of space, heavy energy—or you could call it “dense energy”—is also just light energy that is polluted, septic, and clouded or cutoff from the purity of light energy.) The dark energy of space is light energy that is the beginning of creation. It’s a light that is moving so fast that it cannot even be seen with our five senses. 

Okay, we’ve cleared up dark energy (which is simply very light energy) and now we can return to and focus on energies that are true polar opposites and very powerful creators: light energy and heavy energy. All creation-energy, light and heavy and every quality in between, is energy that is vibrating at different speeds. These speeds of energy effortlessly collect within layers or energy stratum, like the separation of oil and water—that which is heavy and that which is light.


If you want to manifest more supernatural possibilities within your own life, utilize the magic of viral energy to lighten up. Fill your being with the same burgeoning possibilities of creation that exist within the unseen light of matterless space. Raise your presence to a higher light energy stratum and feel the result. You create with the Creator and everything that you want is yours when you enlighten.



Replacing the Big Bang Theory (And Our Obsession with Force)


Maybe it feels like there’s always someone trying to keep you down, or perhaps you just don’t understand how powerful you are.

Do you know how a circus trainer breaks an elephant to, well, not be an elephant any longer? The trainer first restrains the elephant’s tremendous power by binding its leg with a heavy chain. After trying and failing to get off the chain, the elephant starts to doubt that there is any point in struggling. Soon, the trainer is able to use only a rope to hold the defeated elephant, although at this point, the elephant is only restrained by its own doubt. 

You are the elephant in this analogy. Your chain is the illusion of powerlessness. It’s a radical idea for so many of us reared in the era of shame-esteem, cultivated under the great con. The truth is that you are the creator; you are here to create and to further the spiritual evolution of humanity. As your presence is elevated to higher and higher strata of light energy, you transcend what we call “sin.”

The whole universe is on the move and it’s time we pull back the curtain of illusion that separates wanting and awareness. I mean that quite specifically. (Remember the Seven Consciousness-Energy Strata?) 


It is the time in our evolution when the illusion is beginning to dissipate, and it’s happening as you raise your presence stratum by deliberately managing your light and heavy viral energy. It’s ancient and yet audacious.


The concept of the circus is now generally thought of as cruel and archaic, but what the circus really represents is a time in humanity when we were less evolved; unknowing. Our collective presence will continue to rise to a level where we have no desire to undermine others, seek the upper hand, or harm another being for our gain. As we evolve in our understanding, the imprisonment of criminals will one day be virtually unnecessary because we will know that to rob, take advantage of, or hurt another will only harm ourselves. While a modern invention, factory farming will become (in the “soon-time” on planet Earth) widely known as the causation of huge heavy energetic tumors upon humanity, and so it will cease. Even war and discord between people will not serve a purpose in what we choose to create.

The time is nearly here that you will no longer be in doubt about your power to positively effect change. In everything you do, you will see that your correct path is the path of Light, not the path of confusion. There’s so much that you will enlighten to and create anew, and it’s all starting in your lifetime, right now. 


Our species is experiencing a shift away from the thirst for forcefully stealing power, toward the utilization of internal enlightenment energy. 


As empowerment replaces our old ideas of power, we will no longer see each other, our planet, or the universe from the perspective of aggression force. Even the Big Bang theory, first proposed in 1927 by Georges Lemaître, will be supplanted because it fails to take viral energy into account—it can’t evolve with our understanding of life at the quantum scale of creation, and so it will become extinct.


Here’s a new theory of creation: you can call it The Big Push, if you like. However, because it draws the picture of creation with a profoundly greater meaning, I prefer to call it Mother Universe, or Mu for short.

While appearing to be a location of origination, the concentration of light energy in the universe is not a singular place, nor a bang, and it’s not the beginning nor the end. Rather, it’s the omnipresent, powerful, and infinitely enlightened state of being. Mu is everywhere light is membered—it’s that Oneness that is our true nature and the very same source from which we emerged when our Higher-Self burst into physicality, much like a pop of Quantum Fluctuation. Mu is a portal to the realm from which your energy came and to “where” in time you will return. 


She’s your Mother Universe and Pando’s momma too, and She didn’t appear in a violent explosion, but rather in a Bloom-Of-Creation: the flowering of light energy across the universe.


But, why should you care about the workings of space and time? 

When we as individuals and as a species finally “get” the creation of the universe, we will begin to understand how creation itself works and how each of us can utilize this same power to create within our own lives.

Let me explain the cosmology of the universe in terms of viral energy. And, to do that, first we must talk about both space and time and how they relate to one another.


By now, you’ve heard the term “spacetime” about half-a-dozen times in these pages. Here’s a simple definition: spacetime is the fusion of space (which is three-dimensional) together with time (which is experienced as linear, therefore it is one-dimensional). While we do experience it this way, time is not linear from hour to hour or from day to day. Together, space and time is a single four-dimensional continuum and not a linear experience. It has been discovered in modern physics that space and time do in fact work together and must be measured together; they are literally and technically just one model that physics calls: spacetime.


Space and time go together like peanut butter and chocolate, or like Mickey Mouse and Minnie; they have an undeniable connection and they’re eternally interwoven. As new creation-energy in space is blossoming with more creation, space itself is stretching its metaphorical elbows, making room for more and expanding the distances between observable matter. As space is altered from what-was to what-is and beyond, so too is time stretched, bent, and altered.

I know this might seem sophistic, however the “place” and “moment” currently known as the Big Bang (though perhaps it will become known as Mu) is both the beginning and the finish line of evolution. That coordinate in spacetime is essentially the future. Yes, the future! 

It’s so easy to get this turned around and to hypothesize that the “birthplace” of the universe must be in the past as it happened so very long ago, yet that would be inaccurate. Furthermore, it would be inaccurate to say that the place of the Big Bang is the birthplace of the universe as there are countless birthplaces of the Infinite. 

What we can say is that at Mu, in relativity terms, creation has been creating in physicality longer than younger incarnations of light energy. At the place of the Big Bang and also at countless other spacetime coordinates within manyuniverses, Mu’s light energy has existed in physicality the longest and has experienced the natural forward-moving spiritual evolution of creation—it has grown to true enlightenment. 

Nearer to Mu’s spacetime coordinates, there are worlds that are much more highly evolved than our own and that have progressed to a homogeneous balance with both the physical and spiritual realms. After all, they’ve been evolving for billions of years longer than we have. From our perspective, imagining these worlds can give us a glimpse of our own future, but for the Light Beings there, it’s just “now.”

(To really underline the idea of time, I’m going to allow us plenty of repetition.)

Nearer to what we currently refer to as the Big Bang, that which is being experienced at this very moment is happening now. Well, that is, “now” for those beings at that particular spacetime coordinate. 

And, what is happening at this very moment on Earth is also happening now. Well, that is for those of us located at the spacetime coordinate shared by planet Earth. 

However, what is being experienced way, way far away (at a given point nearer to that which we currently refer to as the Big Bang) would be a spacetime coordinate that, from our perspective, would be countless years away—years into the evolutionary-future. 

In this same way, what is being experienced by us here on Earth is the evolutionary-past from the perspective of light beings at the spacetime coordinate of a given point nearer to that which we currently refer to as the Big Bang.

But why stop there? 

Going further out away from the Big Bang moment, even further out than our own spacetime location, and still much further out to the far reaches of the limitless universe, there are also light beings “there”—some newly bursting into physicality. To us, that spacetime coordinate would be the evolutionary-past. Then, yet again, for the light beings there it is just now.





The Mother Universe Creation Model is a new theory in the field of Cosmology. 

I do not dispute the Big Bang theory; the science is solid and has been measured. I am, however, suggesting variations to What-It-Is and how we think of the universe’s inception. What I am most definitely proposing is a new idea—new-consciousness—about what is expanding the universe and how it continues to grow and evolve, as you too evolve. (And right there, in the subtle phrasing of that sentence, is the ancient truth and the key to you becoming the power to fulfill your own dreams.)

Here are the key differences between the Big Bang (the current concept of the universe's beginning and its design or “architecture”) and the Mother Universe Creation Model:


  1. The spacetime coordinate that is the Big Bang was not an explosion as we currently think of it. This is an old idea born from humanity's current obsession with force—an attitude that creates most of our problems. You see, we are looking at it all wrong. The Big Bang did happen—I’m not challenging that. However, all of the physical matter involved was birthed into physicality—it was an on-mass flowering or Bloom-of-Creation that came through from another realm; the realm of Heaven where all Creation is born. In an “instant” an entire field of energy and matter bloomed—and so began the creation of the physical realm (in this universe).
  2. Let’s now consider what happened next (and is still happening) after that first inception, or Big Bang. Physicists today have no idea why or how the universe is expanding. They are still asking, “What is the force that is pushing apart the stuff in the universe?” But that is the wrong question; the wrong assumption. The Mu Creation Model says that CREATION is the push that is expanding all of the empty space between the stuff. Where there was nothing but empty space, now pops new stuff: new creation. (It is actually called Quantum Fluctuation, yet no one has applied it to why the universe is expanding. Until now.)
  3. What is also different about the Mu Creation Model versus the Big Bang is that in the very same creation-evolution-expansion modality, Creation is happening, has happened, and will always be happening in many other “places” (spacetime coordinates), too. So therefore, Mu is not only at the Big Bang coordinate in spacetime, it is everywhere that new creation is popping, and it is therefore growing and expanding the universe. And by the way, this is not the only universe. There are countless universes, all being and creating.

Earlier, I mentioned “the natural forward-moving spiritual evolution of creation.” So, if the future and past are interwoven with spacetime and both are happening now, why then do we experience time as only moving forward? 

Ponder this concept for a moment, plainly and simply as it relates to your own life, right here on Earth. 

Why is what we refer to as the “arrow of time” an experience of moving from the past to the future, but never in reverse? And what’s more, why do cosmologists, physicists, scientists, and philosophers say that time is an illusion, when in every way real and true we only experience time as a progression from then to now, past to present, present to future?

To understand time, you need to first understand your own evolution. 


You are evolving from one creation-moment to the next.


Every moment you are more evolved than the last. Just as your thoughts move in succession from one to the next, and just as the cells of your fingernails divide to become slightly longer from one moment to the next, this too is how you evolve—always forward. 

Time follows in this same way—forward. Time is just your experience of the flow of evolution; the arrow of creation is forward. Evolution, even by name, means advancement and (like time) it cannot be experienced in reverse.

You are part of a forward-moving spiritual evolution. Starting this very minute, you can begin creating the life of your dreams. If you desire happiness, fulfillment, peace, love, success, respect, and compassion, then raise your energetic-presence—and therefore your consciousness-energy stratum—to where happiness, fulfillment, peace, love, success, respect, and compassion flow in abundance.