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Covid Alternative Information

The Likely Future (volume 1)
SKU: 978-1949001167

An urgent message from the ultimate wisdom source about the greatest plague of our time, Covid-19. In these channeled writings, the Source goes by “Pax” and advises that the virus inserts into the body buds that go dormant and rebloom, however, the cure can be found in the drugs that were successful with polio and can be developed into a vaccine that will address the latent buds and all coronavirus strains.
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The Likely Future (volume 2)

This text is a continuation of the first volume of THE LIKELY FUTURE. In this text, the Divine Source—“Pax”—addresses the global crisis of coronavirus through channeled writing and provides vital information including the assertion that the virus is linked to both fear and growth hormones—and that the cure will be in the form of a neurological interrupter—while offering words of warning and wisdom to political leaders around the world.

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