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Everyone knows what it feels like to have a toxic person in their life or negative culture in their workplace. People experience life-changing shifts when they become aware of their energy input and offput and how this contagious energy affects their relationships, happiness, and how people respond to them. With coaching from the world’s foremost leader in the field of viralenology (the study of viral energy or chi/circulating life energy), families, workgroups, and individuals learn tools and daily practices to build positive perspectives and relationships.

If you or someone you know needs an ENERvention, please apply.
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Guided Meditation with Penelope (in-person)

Led by author Penelope Jean Hayes, these are in-person group meditation events held at Penelope's home in Naples, Florida. It's an outdoor event that includes a 20-minute talk about how viral energy affects your life and relationships plus how to visualize your dreams and goals in order to manifest them in your life, followed by a reading by the author from her bestselling book titled The Magic of Viral Energy, then 20 minutes of meditation with intention. Daytime meditations are held in the shade and near moving water like a fountain. Evening meditations are held around a campfire. With introductions, the event runs between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.
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Mentorship Session (via phone)

Price: $80.00
30-minute telephone session with Penelope for mentoring, advice, and talking through challenges and opportunities. Please inquire via the contact page for scheduling.
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Visualization Session (via phone)

Price: $50.00
20-minute telephone session with Penelope to visualize and vector in your goals so that they can become your reality. Please inquire via the contact page for scheduling.
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