Need an ENERvention?

Are you experiencing a power struggle with a co-worker?
Do you have chaos in your home or are you in the middle of a family feud?
Or, do you need coaching in order to better visualize and vector in your highest purpose, dreams, and goals?


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What's an ENERvention?

An individual or group experiencing negative vibes and toxic energy undergoes an energy audit and total reset. In short, an ENERvention is joy-rising!

Who's the Zen Master?

Penelope Jean Hayes is a self-help expert, podcaster, bestselling author, and educator on contagious energy—like infectious smiles and catchy negative vibes—and how this affects relationships, job success, earning potential, and happiness. She’s the world’s foremost leader in the field of contagious and osmotic energy known as Viralenology, and she literally wrote the book on “viral energy” titled The Magic of Viral Energy. Penelope is warm, inspiring, mindful, yet also direct when prescribing advice and modalities of positive change. Her presence can be described as your favorite teacher meets the principal. 

Everyone knows what it feels like to have a toxic person in their life or negative culture in their workplace. People experience life-changing shifts when they become aware of their energy input and offput and how this contagious energy affects their relationships, happiness, and how people respond to them.

With coaching from the world’s foremost leader in the field of viralenology (the study of viral energy or chi/circulating life energy), families, workgroups, and individuals learn tools and daily practices to build positive perspectives and relationships.

What's the Process?

Step 1: "The Energy Audit": Penelope meets with you and your family, friend, or workgroup and discusses the challenges, dynamics, and history of unpleasant interactions and building heavy energy. Everyone sees the problems from several perspectives.

Step 2: "Consultation with a Specialist": In complex relationships, Penelope will consult via telephone or Zoom with another energy professional on her team, such as:

Other specialists that Penelope works with include:
  • an expert in understanding quantum physics to aid in specific manifestation techniques,
  • an energy healer using sound therapy,
  • or another energy practitioner.

Step 3: "Assessment and Prescription": Penelope explains to clients what’s going on energetically: power struggles, rapid synapse from past experiences and fear responses, and more. She leaves everyone with individually prescribed practices to implement and homework to do. She explains her modalities and how they work. When she leaves, each person is equipped with tools for positive change. (Yet, you must do the work!)

Step 4: "Check-in and Calibration": Penelope checks in with each person individually. People in heavy energetic situations need steady encouragement and coaching.

Step 5: "Culmination": Family members/co-workers share how it went, what was especially challenging, what went well, and how much better they feel. Penelope reminds participants to “Watch your viral energy!”

How long is an ENERvention?

That depends on your needs, history of the issues (build-up), how many people are involved, and where those people are located (will your ENERvention take place in multiple locations or will everyone gather at one location?). Typically, ENERventions take place over 3 or 7 days. Occasionally, an ENERvention involving multiple people at various locations and meeting in one-on-one subgroups can average a month of meetups and energy homework to make the desired progress. These are usually family groups. Yet, 3-days are usually ideal for EVERventions for officemates, workgroups, and friend groups.

Where do ENERventions take place?

The location of an ENERvention is determined through your initial call to set up this experience. EVERvention locations may be:

  • your home
  • your workplace
  • a vacation destination: Selected to be fair to numerous individuals located in a variety of places, or for neutral ground and zenful/light energy. Penelope's team can arrange the location, accommodations, and gathering spaces (please inquire).

Note: ENERventions are not done over Zoom; these are in-person and face-to-face experiences.

How much does an ENERvention cost?

ENERventions are specific and customized to the size of your group, the number of days we work together, and the selected location. ENERventions are for both groups and individuals. To give you an idea of pricing, these levels are what can be approximated:

  • $1,000 per day of ENERvention: This rate is the per day fee for a maximum of 1 to 5 people. For the daily rate for 6 or more people, please inquire. Please inquire about pricing for specific arrangements such as vacation locations or multiple locations. All travel for clients and/or Penelope to and from a location, plus accommodations, are the responsibility of the client and are in addition to the ENERvention service fee.
  • The 3-Day Workplace ENERvention: This may be for a group of teammates, the company leadership, department-specific, floor-specific, or company-wide. Please inquire for pricing based on location and number of people. 
  • The 7-Day Family ENERvention: This may be for a family living in one home or a family group of extended relatives. Please inquire for pricing based on location and number of people. 

How do we schedule an ENERvention?

Please inquire via the Contact page for all questions, custom pricing, and scheduling for your ENERvention.

$1,000.00 USD