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Are you experiencing a power struggle with a co-worker?
Do you have chaos in your home or are you in the middle of a family feud?
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Birth Chart Reading with Master of Psychology and Certified Advanced Astrologer

Birth Chart Reading with Master of Psychology and Certified Advanced Astrologer
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Get clarity for your life with a birth chart reading by Kerry Runcie Donahue who is a sought-after expert in understanding star alignment and birth charts and how the energy you came into the world with affects you and your relationships.

Kerry Runcie Donahue, M.A., AMAFA 

Los Angeles, CA

Kerry Runcie Donahue has a passion for astrology, which she started studying at age 13. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Detroit, Mercy with a Bachelor's degree in business, majoring in economics and worked for many years as a contract administrator and negotiator for Kelly Services, Inc. She also has a Master's in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College in Venice, California. In 1997, she received certification as an advanced astrologer from the American Federation of Astrologers. Kerry worked in television production for over a dozen years as an audio operator on numerous shows such as EXTRAA&E Biography, American Detective, and Rescue 911.

Kerry's life experience and education give her a unique ability to assist others on their life path. You will be amazed to learn how the energy and cosmic alignment of your birth set energy in motion that impacts your whole life. Understanding these dynamics very often helps you in navigating decisions, personalities, and your purpose pursuit.

Instructions to Schedule Your Reading: Please email through our Contact page and write in the subject line: "Birth Chart Reading with Kerry". After your payment is made, Kerry will request via email your first name, birth date, birth year, exact time of birth (if you know it), and birth location (city).

$200.00 USD