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The Likely Future, volume 1

The Likely Future: Short and Long Term Guidance from the Source
Short and Long Term Guidance from the Source
The Likely Future volume 1
Published by Waterside Productions, Inc.
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THE LIKELY FUTURE is an urgent message from the Divine Source about COVID-19, the greatest plague of our time. In this channeled writing, the Source goes by “Pax.”

THE LIKELY FUTURE gives insight that cannot be found anywhere else. Pax answers direct questions and provides vital information including the virus origin, that a successful vaccine will be a long time coming, and what scientists should consider in order to fully eradicate the virus.
This dialogue is the truth we’ve been asking for, the clear warning we need, and a celestial love letter that speaks to each of us and the future of humanity. It’s provocative and awe-inspiring—and it’s what people around the world need to know about this pandemic.

Through thought-provoking questions posed by author Penelope Jean Hayes and answers from the Spirit Messenger “Pax,” channeled by intuitive Carole Serene Borgens, the PAX WISDOM books, audio-books, videos and more, speak to all of mankind and what we need to know, now. This information is a tremendous gift from the Spirit World and these channeled works are awe-inspiring, once-in-a-generation writings.


"This is one of the most important books you will ever read." — Bill Gladstone, famed literary agent to authors Jack Canfield, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Penelope Jean Hayes, and many more bestsellers.


Penelope Jean Hayes is a new consciousness author, television contributor, and speaker. She has appeared on-camera hundreds of times as an expert guest on programs including Dr. PhilABC News, and internationally. She is the author of the book The Magic of Viral Energy: An Ancient Key to Happiness, Empowerment, and Purpose, and the series Do Unto Earth: It’s Not Too Late. Penelope lives in Naples, Florida, with her husband, Burt. In 2019, Penelope was invited by Pax to author his messages (as channeled by Carole Serene). As explained by Pax, Penelope’s soul journey spans numerous lifetimes with a longstanding mission for Earth wellness.

Carole Serene is a former nurse and longtime student of metaphysics. Carole has been channeling Spirit since the early 1990s, when she was chosen by Pax and given the title “Spirit Messenger.” Writing and providing in-person as well as remote sessions for clients around the globe continues, and Carole refers to her gift of channeling as “the greatest blessing in my life.”

The work of this trio continues—as Pax says, “a good team we three.”


(Penelope in bold. Pax indented.)

It would seem that many people do not live in harmony with nature and with respect and love for the Earth. Why do we matter to God when we are so destructive to ourselves, others, and our planetary home?

Well now, this is indeed an interesting question for it is well known that your God considers everything worth mattering. Penelope, it is the overall love that defines Planet Earth’s people as those to whom God matters, so it is their understanding they also matter to God. We suggest each organized religion has their own name for who they follow, and this question relates to the love each deity has for followers. Love is unconditional; this is why you matter.

I suspect that there’s a reason why you’ve said “your God,” and certainly, this piques my interest. I am aware that I’m speaking to a great Spirit Messenger and Spirit Energy from the Spirit World; however, I’d like to know more about you.

Were you once from Earth, from a former and far more evolved people? Please help me to understand the source of your wisdom so that Earth’s people will listen.

We do not incarnate as solid and we do not “reside” in one place—this is our gift. “My” origins do not include your planet, no, but having watched the development of society and where you are today, it is clear that a guiding hand is needed.

It is the case that my/our interest in communicating with Earth’s people today is to share wisdom. Is this not the way to growth and evolution, to share with others what one has learned? Our speak, our words, our wisdoms are generated for the purpose of sharing guidance and the path to wellness for your planet. We have no linear time and refer only to soon time and far time. We in the Spirit World have duty and obligation to assist those in need and where requested, to offer wisdom to assist others. I care as we should all care, as should Earth’s people care about your future.

Okay, so you were never a physical being or from Planet Earth, you are and have always been Spirit. Would it be accurate to think of you as the Guardian Angel for Earth?

Ah, no, that is not our role. Conscience in each of you, when activated, is collectively a guardian angel for Mother Earth.

There needs to be continued action and awareness to this end. Without being aware, your people have placed your planet in jeopardy and are moving forward with life as usual. There are some who wrap their lives around the correction of damage done and the prevention of future evils in this regard. They are the saints and saviors of your world but are not enough by themselves.

Consciousness needs raising in a maximum way to allow your people to have the meeting of minds which will create the global power necessary to effect change. Together you are a force. Come together in your thinking—the rest will follow.

You have a confidence and directness that is very compelling. I’ll go ahead and ask outright: who are you, exactly?

We are one with the Universe, not the Universe alone. We are the Divine Universe, yes, and the God being and the greater wisdom, that which knows and supports all and is healing, non-judgmental and tolerant, all-seeing, all-knowing, and Peace.


Who-You-Are makes our discussion extraordinary: “We are the Divine Universe, not the Universe alone, the God being and the greater wisdom.” I’m humbled and honored to be having this dialog with you.

So then, you are whom we would call God?

This question does not regard that there are other religions and groups who do not define themselves as related to “God.” You are to know that organized religion on your Earth plane relates to other deities and those who study the Bible, Quran and many other holy texts, and consider themselves related to their own varieties of your God. Think of Shiva or Allah and remember—variations on the theme are reality.

We are wisdom and history and benevolence. We are not a deity. We are who we report to be and have always reported to be. We are forever, we are infinity and we are always and will be always—this is infinity and this is us.

Oh, I see, “God being” and “God” have different connotations, and “Divine” and “deity” are not synonymous. This is a revelation.

Perception, it is, that defines us in the hearts and minds of your people. Our Universe is not of the proportion of what you might expect and our range also greater in both future and past and all-being.

We wish to engage in action as opposed to brackets and confines of description. To define further is folly as it is the finite amount of fear your people have around deities and religions as organized and what may and may not be permitted within those confines. It is our functioning outside of these discussions that is preferred. Your earthly religions hold value and offer solace to the many. For those who function outside of those realms, our energy is defined and available.

We support and offer love, unconditional love for this is how our Universe functions.

I’m understanding that the issue of a name is about ensuring inclusivity to all people and inclusion of those following any one of the many world religions and the name that each calls their deity or Divine Being, and those who follow no religion at all. Today, these names cause division. Am I getting your point correctly?

We are here to say the rose smells as sweet without our name of Rose.

That’s a simple yet effective analogy. Still, I’d like to know how I should address you. May you provide an approved moniker for the purpose of these volumes, one that crosses borders and religions and can connect all to the message?


Pax reflects our goodwill and wish for peace. Yes, this is us—Pax. Relate to this as Spirit Messenger of Truth, Peace and Goodwill. It is our mission, and yours.

We are blessed to be with you and it has become your mission to ensure our words reach those in need, our direction is heard, and a potential global disaster averted if people can be activated and energized and empowered to begin to have their voices heard and the movement toward planetary repair enlarged.


64 pages | $8.95 USD | 5 x 8 | 978-1949001167 | May 11, 2020

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