Need an ENERvention?

Are you experiencing a power struggle with a co-worker?
Do you have chaos in your home or are you in the middle of a family feud?
Or, do you need coaching in order to better visualize and vector in your highest purpose, dreams, and goals?

Visualization Session (via phone)

Visualization Session
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Price: $50.00

20-minute telephone visualization session with Penelope to visualize and vector your goals so that they can become your reality. Please inquire via the contact page for scheduling.

Coaching techniques include:
  • Visualization 101: First, you need to know what visualization actually is and how it works. Then we visualize together.
  • Vector yourself from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Tap into energetic support from higher levels of consciousness. Remember that your desire to create comes from your Higher Self and that beingness overrides your rouge fears and low thoughts and emotions.
$50.00 USD