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Where Your Dreams Live

Mastering the 7 Levels of Consciousness From Which You Create Your Experiences
—Releasing in 2024—

Your dreams are more than aspirations, wishes, wants, passions, goals, or even purposes. They have frequency biometrics or fingerprints.

Your dreams do not live in a future time, whether that’s an hour or a year from now. They are available to you now. The question is—are your dreams "located" where you currently are being? Basically, are you on level with your dreams?

Just as cream rises to the top because oil and water naturally separate into distinct vertical layers, the energy-signature of specific thoughts and experiences and physical things also naturally settles into vertical layers. This happens because those thoughts and experiences (your dreams, let’s say) vibrate at a particular speed and frequency quality. Your dreams are units of vibration that collect in layers with other units of the same vibrational quality. 

Like droplets of cream that meet up with other droplets of cream; your dreams cannot be kept down and they rise to their signature layer—without effort. All thoughts and experiences naturally sort themselves into vertical layers by way of the energy qualities they hold. This is kind of like the “law of attraction” that we hear much about, yet—and it's a big yet—the law of attraction is a factor that is only helpful to you if you know where your dreams live, how they move…and how to get there! 

It's time to take a deep look at what you take in and give off, the quality of what you have access to, and therefore that with which you're creating your life and experiences. This book is a blueprint to true, lasting happiness and joy.

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