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Would you like to book Penelope for a public talk for your university, work place, or group? Here are outlines of Penelope's talks on Viral Energy and Raising Global Consciousness—All talks are customized to the audience.





Outline of Penelope's Viral Energy Message
[genre: personal and interpersonal betterment]

Through her signature talk about viral energy, Penelope addresses the following questions and topics by way of examples and short stories that can be applied to one's own life, relationships, and work. Customized to your audience, this talk may be called "Level Up To Your Dreams" or "Dilution Is The Solution To Pollution" or "Deflector Shields Up!" or another creative hook.

What's "Viral Energy"?
Simply put, viral energy is the contagious nature of energy in social interactions and the environments all around us. The good, the bad, and the ugly—all energy is contagious, and it moves and is shared and is picked up. Whether you are aware of it or not, energy affects you and you affect energy. 

What's Penelope's backstory and how did she come to discover and develop the quantum theory of viral energy?
Penelope shares her story of unfilfullment and struggle in her early life. She also shares how she chose to change her circumstances, and then later how she discovered that energy is contagious and this was pivitol to her own happiness and success. She tells the story of her experience with the giant owl in the forest, and how she glimpsed another dimension of energy: the backstage of how energy works.

How does viral energy work?
All of life is connected through an energy network, a "consciousness ethernet", if you will. The concept is told through explaining how osmosis works as related to energy flow and exchange. Osmosis is the process by which molecules move through a semi-permeable membrance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration, until the molecules (energy) is balanced on both side. Well, guess what? You are the semi-permeable membrane. Your being-ness (your energetic presence) is permeable, and you pick up from and give off to the energy around you.

Penelope demonstrates through examples how your quantum energy can (and likely will) balance with the energy around you (this is Osmotic-Energy-Balancing). Yet, it's important to know that the higher concentration of energy always wins. So, ask yourself: What are you marinating in?

Why should this matter to you? How does viral energy affect your life?
Heavy energy will block your natural state of wellbeing in all areas of your life. Heavy energy is toxic to your natural energetic-presence. Your energy being (this can also be thought of as your personal power) is impacted and affected by energies that you sponsor through your thoughts (inwardly projected thought energies), and by energies from outside your self-hood.

That quantum energy that is you is your personal power and it is the fuel for everything that you create. It fuels the quality of your relationships, work, vocation, and all that you create in your life. It's worth repeating: Your personal power energy is the fuel for all that you create.

What is the chronic/long-term affect of these energies on you and your access to all that you really want to experience and be? Specifically, how is it affecting your likeability, companionability, happiness, earning potential, and success?
The energies that you pick up, over time, set within you an energy level that is the frequency on which you operate, and therefore limits what you have access to by way of the energy flow that you're in. Penelope talks about what it really means to be "in the flow."

Here, she explains your "Quantum," your energetic-presence, and the 7 Consciousness-Energy Strata. Now, you begin to recognize where you are energetically, and what you are in flow with. If you're not experiencing what you want, then you are not on energetic-level with it. You're not sharing energy with it. But, you can level up!

How do you level up to where your dreams and goals are? How do you get in the flow of what you want?
Penelope shares many modalities for how to level up your energy to become in flow with all that you truly want to experience, have, and be. Some examples, which she tells through story, are: nature immersion, light energy immersion, the 4 elements of nature (earth, wind, fire, water), meditation, mindfulness, protecting your light energy, being aware of Energy Suckers and Underminers, empowering yourself through personal boundaries (Penelope gives tips on what to say and how to enforce your personal boundaries and this is told through the story of the dog walker in the park. Hint": "I don't accept that."), and the principle that dillution is the solution to pollution.

What's are Energy Suckers and Underminers?
When people feel less-than or disimpowered, they often look to steal energy from others. (They perceive themselves as inside a limited pool of resource.) Often, they seek to steal energy by undermining you. When you understand what is going on energetically, you understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Stealing someone else's power is not sustainable; it leaves you wanting more. With this knowledge, you can help others to alleviate their need to steal energy. This knowledge becomes a tool that helps you in your relationships in both your personal and professional life.

Penelope uses fun stories (i.e. castle underminers) to share how energy works, and this understanding helps us to have better personal relationships. Examples are used to show minimizing verses expanding, and to instead tap into the larger source (the rule is circulate or stagnate).

We hear that everything is connected: How is energy connected?
Creation is exponential; creation creates more creation. Penelope explains—in easy to understand terms—how energy works the same on the macro (the universe) as it does on the micro (you and your life). She shares an intriguing story of the universe's expansion, and circulation. This is fascinating to understand and it translates into your own life: create, colloborate with others, circulate your energy, and access higher flows of potential. In utilizing the magic of viral energy, you become more and have access to the resources needed to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Viral Energy Institute (VEI) Process: Learn more about Penelope's process and how viral energy affects you.


Outline of Penelope's Raising Global Consciousness Message
[genre: global peace, planetary wellness]

Penelope is the author of the Amazon No. 1 Bestselling book, Do Unto Earth, about environmental healing and unity and peace on Earth. In her environmental consciousness talk, Penelope speaks about raising consciousness around the globe—that is to say, virally spreading higher vibration from person to person—and how this is the way to enlightened living in balance with the natural world and our precious environment. 

Raising consciousness to a higher level is the answer to every problem, because our higher selves do not harm others or the environment. And yet, most people don't know what consciousness is. Penelope unpacks the meaning of consciousness, how we are connected through a greater energy network, and therefore how we can affect each other (for better or worse) through our viral intentions and thoughts, and ultimately our actions. Penelope's message is based in her work as a viralenologist and she brings a fresh perspective to how we can all contribute to right action and higher consciousness.

What's Consciousness?
Is it an ability to do the right thing; an awareness or care, awareness of the outside world; or energy vibration, spin, or magnetism; or related to the Higgs particle; or is it merely all thought; or an awake-ness, clearness, a state of mind presence such as being mentally unconscious of conscious? Or, is it something else? Consider these questions:

  • What is the essence of who we are?
  • Do animals and plants have consciousness?
  • Are there levels of consciousness?
  • Can you raise consciousness?
  • Is consciousness faster than light? (Fact: The speed of consciousness is faster than the speed of light.)
  • Is consciousness built into quantum mechanics: Does consciousness itself impact and affect events and outcomes?

Consciousness: An Interconnected Network
There is a massive forest of aspen trees in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest that stretches over 100 acres. It was discovered that the trees of this forest share a root system, which means they are not separate individuals at all; they are one single genetic individual with thousands upon thousands of stems. These stems have a life cycle: they appear as individuals living above ground, then they “die” and other units sprout in their place. Scientists call the organism Pando and have documented it as the largest organism on Earth. When any stem experiences health, disease, or drought, the whole of the organism is affected. 

We are Pando. We are "connected consciousness", a consciousness-energy network. When we understand and practice this shift in understanding, we will stop inventing ways to excuse how we often treat others, and we will recognize the ways we foolishly dominate nature, stripping Earth of her resources. When we understand connected consciousness, we understand that what we do unto Earth, we do unto ourselves.

The answer to every problem is to raise consciousness from a lower and limited perspective of separateness, way up to the expansive reality of the interconnected network of life. When we operate from a higher resonance of consciousness it’s impossible to harm nature, each other, the environment, and pollute or war. When we’re in flow with higher consciousness, we are in harmony with the bigger picture. Intentions are known, and all is transparent.

Intention Travels Through The Consciousness Network
A number of scientists have conducted studies on the consciousness of plants. Plants were hooked up to polygraph electrodes and significant consciousness reactions were recorded when a plant was burned or cut. Yet, get this. Even when the experimenter appraoched a plant with a scissor and teh intention to cut, the plant experienced the same reaction, the same stress. However, when the experimentor approached with a scissor and no real intent to cut, the plant had no reaction.

This perception of intention is possible because the consciousness of the plant is able to tap into the consciousness of the person. They are connected through an unseen network. 

Everything Is Viral Energy and You Can Affect Change
Penelope explains "viral energy" by sharing the story of her experience in the forest with a giant owl. She experienced the contagious nature of energy and understood for herself the great connection of all of life, how energy syncing works, how consciousness spreads, and why it should matter to us. 

All energy is viral, the light and the heavy, and this means that we can spread higher consciousness, virally, simply through our light energy intentions. Each of us can contribute to raising consciousness to higher and higher levels where we become in harmony with the whole.

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