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Topics explored in Penelope's talks are excellent for audiences interested in workplace harmony and team building, encouraging teammates back into the workplace, personal growth and betterment, and interpersonal relationships.

All talks are customized to the audience. Penelope uses interesting and fun stories to explain how "viral energy" works in relationship dynamics, social interactions, and the workplace setting. 
"The Top 12 Reasons Why You Want To Go Back To The Office"
Penelope explains that although working from home has its benefits, we can miss out on creative synergies, and our energy and idea flow can go stagnate. Did you know that people burn energy and leave behind an energy footprint that others pick up on, and this can help inform decisions and deals? Want to know what an employer can do to incentivize teammates back into the office space? In this talk attendees will hear some great ideas and learn about work-home boundaries, "right to disconnect," the benefits of face-time exposure with clients or the boss.
"Dilution Is The Solution To Pollution"

"Deflector Shields Up!"

"Level Up To Your Potential"

Through her signature talks sharing how all energy is contagious and we absorb other people's energy, Penelope addresses the following questions and topics by way of examples and short stories that can be applied to each person's life, relationships, and work.

What's "Viral Energy"?
Simply put, viral energy is the contagious nature of energy in social interactions, emotions and thoughts, and environments all around us. The good, the bad, and the ugly—all energy is contagious, and it moves and is shared and is picked up. Whether you are aware of it or not, energy affects you and you affect energy. 

What's Penelope's backstory and how did she come to discover and develop the trademarked concept of viral energy?
Penelope shares her story of unfulfillment and struggles in her early life. She also shares how she chose to change her circumstances, and then later how she discovered the fact that energy is contagious, and this was pivotal to her own happiness and success. 


How does viral energy work?
All of life is connected through an energy network, a "consciousness ethernet" if you will. The concept is told by explaining how osmosis works as related to energy flow and exchange. Osmosis is the process by which molecules move through a semi-permeable membrane from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration until the molecules (energy) are balanced on both sides. Well, guess what? Your energy field is the semi-permeable membrane. Your being-ness (your energetic presence) is permeable, and you pick up from and give off to the energy around you.

Penelope demonstrates through examples how your quantum of energy can (and likely will) balance with the energy around you (this is Osmotic-Energy-Balancing). Yet, it's important to know that the higher concentration of energy always wins. So, ask yourself: What are you marinating in?

Why should this matter to you? How does viral energy affect your life?
Heavy energy will block your natural state of well-being in all areas of your life. Heavy energy is toxic to your natural and harmonious frequency. Your energy is impacted and affected by energies that you sponsor through your thoughts (inwardly projected thought energies), and by energies from outside your self-hood. And, energy not in circulation can and will stagnate. (So, maybe it's time to get back out with people and circulate again!)

That quantum of energy that is you is your personal power and it is the fuel for everything that you create. It fuels the quality of your relationships, work, vocation, and all that you create in your life. It's worth repeating: Your personal power energy is the fuel for all that you create.

What is the chronic/long-term effect of these energies on you and your access to all that you really want to experience and be? Specifically, how is it affecting your likeability, companionability, happiness, earning potential, and success?
The energies that you pick up, over time, set within you an energy level that is the frequency on which you operate, and therefore limits what you have access to by way of the energy flow that you're in. Penelope talks about what it really means to be "in the flow."

Consider your "Quantum," your energetic presence, and the 7 Consciousness-Energy Strata. Do you recognize where you are energetically, and what you are in flow with? If you're not experiencing what you want, then you are not on "energetic level" with it. You're not sharing energy with it. But, you can level up!

How do you level up to where your dreams and goals are? How do you get in the flow of what you want?
Penelope shares many modalities for how to level up your energy to become in flow with all that you truly want to experience, have, and be. Some examples—which she tells through stories that are very relatable—include time spent in nature, getting back into the workplace, becoming aware of Energy Suckers and Underminers, and empowering yourself through personal boundaries (Penelope gives tips on what to say and how to enforce your personal boundaries and this is told through the story of the dog walker in the park. Hint: "I don't accept that."), and the principle that dilution is the solution to pollution.

What are Energy Suckers and Underminers?
When people feel less-than or disempowered, they often look to steal energy from others. (They perceive themselves as inside a limited pool of resources.) Often, they seek to steal energy by undermining you. When you understand what is going on energetically, you understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Stealing someone else's power is not sustainable; it leaves you wanting more. With this knowledge, you can help others to alleviate their need to steal energy. This knowledge becomes a tool that helps you in your relationships in both your personal and professional life.

Penelope uses fun stories (i.e. castle underminers) to share how energy works, and this understanding helps us to have better personal relationships. Examples are used to show minimizing versus expanding and to instead tap into the larger source (the rule is: circulate or stagnate).

Everything Is Viral Energy and You Can Affect Change
Penelope explains "viral energy" by sharing the story of her experience in the forest with a giant owl. She experienced the contagious nature of energy and understood for herself the great connection of all of life, how energy syncing works, how consciousness spreads, and why it should matter to us. 

All energy is viral, the light and the heavy, and this means that we can spread higher consciousness, virally, simply through our light energy intentions. Each of us can contribute to raising consciousness to higher and higher levels where we become in harmony with the whole.





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