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and the friend who reminds you to
"Watch your Viral Energy!"

There's a new scientific field of study: Viralenology.


viralenology (noun) vahy·ruh·en·ol·uh·jee | \ vī-ˈräl-en-o-lə-jē \


  1. a branch of science that merges traditional science with metaphysics to research interpersonal relationships, social dynamics, happiness and personal fulfillment, goal attainment, and self-help growth opportunies
  2. a branch of science that merges traditional science with metaphysics to research environmental solutions, future technologies including fuel sources and travel modes, thought power, and intuitive communication
  3. a theory or philosophy describing the contagious nature of vibrational-creation-energy in social interactions, physical environments, and through intention and thought



viralenologist (noun) vahy·ruh·en·ol·uh·jist | \ vī-ˈräl-en-o-lə-jē \

  1. one who studies viral energy in social interaction, interpersonal communication, and for the betterment of individual relationships and personal development
  2. a scientist or intuitive who studies Viralenology in environments and as the causation of large planetary pockets or masses of enlightened or heavy/dense energy
  3. one who studies Viralenology for new and renewable energy sources, future modes of travel, new technology, and communication
  4. an intuitive who accesses higher-stream-consciousness (a.k.a. Universal Intelligence) by way of the viral and osmotic nature of energy in order to learn from and share the wisdom-of-the-ages